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Eric Weinstein's Blog

Eric Weinstein

Certified hypnotherapist
and practitioner of NLP

True Purpose Coach

My clients range from young adults to seniors and come from all walks of life, varied nationalities & ethnicities, and different sexual orientations.

You’ve become a sparking point in my process of personal growth and healing, pushing me forward in a positively provocative way.

L.B. Maryland

Eric offers a safe way to uncover and bring closure to life’ s events so you’ re not limited by negative childhood beliefs. He offers valuable guidance and counsel in addition to hypnotherapy and shamanic healing. In just two sessions, we identified a couple of anxiety-causing events and worked them through to resolution.

I have far more confidence about test-taking and other pressure-filled situations: In my last exam, I got a 94% and a congratulatory word from my teacher. I credit our work for settling my soul. I think it’s highly likely that our work together enabled the good grade.

I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my temper while driving (as has my wife).

Eric has also worked with me to heal and bring closure to a major childhood trauma that negatively affected my outlook on life and my decision-making. Overall, I have less baggage and feel like a load has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m more present, creative, and free to respond to life as it comes to me, in ‘real time’.

K. R. Virginia

When I first decided to meet with Eric, I was a little apprehensive. I had never sought services of this kind before. . . but I was turning 30, had lost my job, was going through a divorce, and some other unfortunate life events. Eric was very open and spoke to me with a welcoming tone on the phone. In just my first session, I learned a lot about me. I saw the source of my uneasiness. I was drowning myself due to all of these recent rejections. I’m in a better place now because I took the first step in contacting him. . . This isn’t therapy, but an alternative to some of the more mainstream options. I appreciate his hard work and recommend at the very least speak with him. He is very professional, and the environment he operates out of is extremely comfortable.

W.D. Virginia

I am grateful to you for making time on short notice to work with me to overcome fears of claustrophobia that I experienced last week in the MRI machine. You were most perceptive in reading through my fears to come up with an plan that changed my perception of the MRI enclosure from a threat to a noisy, yet safe, machine.

Your guiding words during our session revealed underlying root fears from past events. By the second session, you were able to recreate an atmosphere so I could test how I might feel when I was in the MRI machine again. Other than the initial anxiety that you told me to expect, I essentially just calmly rested through the entire MRI session.

R. T. Virginia

Eric has a way of taking you right to the heart (literally) of what is occurring for you in your life. He facilitates clearing away emotional baggage we don’t even realize we are carrying, and manages to do this in a gentle, but powerful way.  He has also given me tools for handling stress better, and improved my marriage, family, and myself. . . leading to more peace for all of us.

P.B. Maryland

I have been to three therapists over a span of twenty-five years and, as a counselor trained in traditional methods, I visited Eric with more than a little skepticism. However, after approximately four months with Eric, I am no longer taking the medications prescribed by my first psychiatrist for depression, anxiety, OCD, and insomnia. (Eric’s note: The client told me about this after the fact.)

Eric’s wisdom, patience, compassion, humor, creativity, and nurturing but honest style, guided me through some very dark times. He taught me specific techniques that I was able to take with me so I could work on them at home. We reflected on my progress and tweaked the game plan week to week as needed. 

Eric seemed to have an intuitive sense about what I required. I left each appointment feeling better. Challenged. Changed. He gave me faith in my body’s ability to fix itself. In our last few sessions, instead of talking about my “problems,” we were able to delve into my mission and purpose in life. 
Thanks to Eric, I’ve reached a place I never could have fathomed, a place where I want to help others feel the peace, security, love, and spirit that I feel. Thank you, Eric. You healed me.

M.R., counselor Maryland

Our sessions together changed my life. You helped me find the real me. I’ m under control in situations that used to make me so angry. Now I have the confidence to move on with my life. I can’t thank you enough.

P. N. Virginia

Eric has led me into many ‘Eureka’ moments by asking the right question at the right time — an intuitive edge he brings to our work together. His insights and support have dovetailed with my therapy to help me onto the next level of growth in my ability to meet life head-on and on its own terms. I have followed his lead with some of my own psychotherapy clients, in supporting them in discovering new possible paths of healing. My journey has been enriched immensely by Eric’ s compassionate and patient facilitation.

M. L. (psychotherapist) Maryland

As a CEO who’s worked with many high-level coaches and consultants, I decided to work with Eric after experiencing his facilitation in a workshop. I was in a transitional phase of my life; he helped me better understand myself and get “on purpose” with a unique perspective and an array of methodologies that are not run-of-the-mill. His approach was extremely productive and helpful in moving me down my transformative path.

S.B. Maryland

I’ve been feeling happy and at peace the past few days, which has been great.  Overall, since I started working with you I feel a greater sense of well-being and more confidence in myself. I look forward to what’s ahead because, as one of your clients said, your magic is working. . . Since I moved, I’ve been thinking about you a lot and what a great blessing you were to me. You have been such a great support and have truly been a great influence in my life when I most needed it.

E.F. Virginia

Eric’s wisdom and engagement in my journey has been gauged by the authentic, fierce, playful, and humble teacher in him. His warm fathering spirit abounds! I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I could grow (I’m in my 60’s.) in a short time of seeing him professionally.

A. R. Maryland

It has been my pleasure to know Eric Weinstein as a colleague and friend for more than 20 years. I know Eric primarily as a savvy and talented copywriter and technical writer, but I have also seen Eric’s empathy and strong commitment to social concerns through his work with men’ s groups and community service. Eric combines a thoughtful and practical outlook with sensitive compassion for others, a terrific sense of humor, and a personal moral code that is unsurpassed.

Bill Harrison President, Harrison Consulting Group, Inc.

Eric has worked with me in a number of healing modalities, and I have always been impressed by his forthrightness, compassion, depth and breadth of knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, his unwavering dedication to my needs as a client. Eric is gentle and caring; however, he doesn’ t tell me what I want to hear, but rather what I need to hear. I know that when I am working with him, I am in safe, loving and masterful hands, and although my ego may feel bruised at times, my spirit is always well and deeply nourished.

C. N. Virginia

I am in awe of what one can accomplish when not paralyzed with anxiety and/or fear. After our session last Thursday, there was a sense of quietness that was almost deafening. . . When the situation that has caused me so much anxiety over the past 10 years came up later, I was stunned – there was no anxiety.

A.J. Virginia

What to Expect


I work with most clients in my living room, a bright, informal, and relaxing space.

I also have an office in the Brennan Institute for Mind-Body Healing at 1801 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 230, Reston, VA 20191.

I dress informally, and unless you request otherwise, at the home office, you might find a purring cat in your lap. 

Most clients know what they want to change. Some know they want their lives to be better, but don’t know where to start. Some have a specific approach in mind, while others don’t. That’s all fine. For example, if you:

  • Want to stop smoking, you’ve probably read about how successful hypnotherapy can be
  • Are interested in peak performance, you’ll probably want to use NLP
  • Have had a trauma, you’ve probably read about how successful EFT and EMDR™ can be for related symptoms
  • Are conscious of internal conflict (‘Part of me wants to do one thing, but part of me wants to do another.’), you’ll appreciate Voice Dialogue
  • Feel loss on a soul or spirit level, you’re likely to want shamanic work

If you know what you want (and if I don’t see a strong reason to start with something else), I’ll start with your preference.

What if You Don’t Know What You Want or Need?

Don’t worry. I’ll suggest what I believe will be the most efficient and effective approaches to help you meet your goal(s).

We’ll quickly find out what works and what doesn’t. You might be a great hypnotism subject. Or not. You might do guided meditations like my orange cat does belly rubs. Or not. That’s why I have a big “toolbox.” Something will work.

Before We Meet

Before we meet, I’ll send you an Informed Consent agreement, which outlines:

  • my legal limitations as a practitioner
  • your rights as a client
  • payment arrangements
  • directions

Please bring up any concerns and ask any questions you have before we meet, and any time afterwards.

When you arrive, I’ll review the agreement with you, and when you are comfortable with it, have you sign it.