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Two to three days following our session, I felt a little lightheadedness, but overall, a lighter spirit of appreciation, mindfulness, and unadulterated caring and love unfiltered by ego, and a sense of being more whole. My wife sensed a change in me, as well, quipping that it was nice to have me back. We have since started reconnecting spiritually. My daughter has also noticed a change in my attitude: a return to my old, gregarious, and joyful self. I have a better feeling of peace, love, and understanding. I didn’ t have any great or jarring transformational experience in our session, but there seems to have been an ionic cleansing, as it were, in which some negative ions were dissipated in the process. Thank you so much for this new feeling.”

P.G. Virginia October 3, 2015

Workshops, Speaking Engagements, and Private Parties

1. Shamanic Journeying: Do you know the power, healing, and guidance that spirit can provide for you?

In this workshop, you’ll take a shamanic journey – a simple technique for having a direct experience of Mystery by whatever name you call it (the spirit world, universal consciousness, Source, God, another dimension . . . ). While shamanic journeying usually takes practice to achieve, my participants have a very high (90%) first-time success rate.

This workshop is perfect for a private “party” for four to twenty participants.

2. Energy Psychology, “tapping”, and the Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, or “tapping” is the best-known of a family of Eastern-based techniques for changing psychological/emotional states and memories using meridians, acupressure points, and chakras. Energy Psychology has shown remarkable success with conditions that traditional psychology struggles with.

In this workshop, I’ll touch on the theories; show you why generic online approaches sometimes work and sometimes don’t; and take you through exercises to demonstrate the potential of this deceptively simply methodology.

3. Why change is so hard – and how to make it easier

All of us want to be “better,” more effective, healthier, happier people. And we all struggle at times. Drawing on my experience and the newest brain research, I’ll lay out the reasons change is so hard – and how to make it easier. We’ll do a couple of exercises to move you forward on some issue in your life.

4. Mind, Body, and Spirit: putting together all the pieces of the puzzle

Based on a comprehensive checklist I developed for self- and client care, this workshop presents easy lifestyle changes, opportunities to create synergy with healing professionals, and non-psychological factors that are most likely to contribute to common psychological and emotional conditions. (e.g., 80% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, and that deficiency is a major factor in depression.)

This workshop can be geared towards laypeople or practitioners who want to model healthy, balanced lives for their clients.

5. The basics of Voice Dialogue (“parts work”)

If you’ve ever said “part of me want to do this and part of me wants to do that,” you already have a glimpse into the concept that we all have parts, voices, or sub-personalities that motivate us in different ways.

In this workshop, I cover the basics of Voice Dialogue, and get you started on mapping out the Primary Parts that run your life – including the ones that conflict with one another. This workshop dovetails perfectly with shadow work, active imagination, and several other personal growth techniques.

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