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Eric Weinstein

Certified hypnotherapist
and practitioner of NLP

True Purpose Coach

My clients range from young adults to seniors and come from all walks of life, varied nationalities & ethnicities, and different sexual orientations.
Our sessions together changed my life. You helped me find the real me. I’ m under control in situations that used to make me so angry. Now I have the confidence to move on with my life. I can’t thank you enough.
P. N.


Eric offers a safe way to uncover and bring closure to life’ s events so you’ re not limited by negative childhood beliefs. He offers valuable guidance and counsel in addition to hypnotherapy and shamanic healing. In just two sessions, we identified a couple of anxiety-causing events and worked them through to resolution. . . (continued)


Ordained Minister

Using the most effective techniques to facilitate emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral change

When I decided to make helping people change their lives a full-time profession, I asked two psychologists and the chair of counseling at a major university for guidance. They told me not to pursue a degree in counseling or social work or psychology, but to study the techniques they find most effective in their practices. Surprised? I was, too.

That’s what my practice is about: helping people change, efficiently. By turning your mind from an enemy into a friend.

What does that mean?

Change happens primarily on a subconscious level

Your conscious mind brought you to this website in search of change. But your subconscious mind’s over-riding goal is to keep you alive. For that, it uses our common human evolutionary survival mechanisms and the behaviors you hoped would keep you safe and loved and happy as you grew up. So your conscious desire to change and to thrive is in constant conflict with (mostly subconscious) fear – the primary emotion your mind uses for survival.

Let’s face it: if changing was just a matter of wanting to do it, or “putting your mind to it,” you wouldn’t be reading this! Your subconscious thinks it has good reasons to keep you where you are.

So I use approaches that:

  • use energy to “re-wire” the mind (Energy Psychology, including EFT/tapping/the Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • work on a subconscious level to “re-program” the mind (Hypnotism & NLP)
  • help parts of the mind work more cooperatively (Voice Dialogue and “parts work”, which preceded Internal Family Systems)
  • clear the emotional residues left from bad experiences and memories (EMI, which is similar to EMDR)
  • heal mind, body, and spirit on an energetic/spiritual level (Shamanic Healing)

I emphasize quickly:

  • getting to the heart of what keeps clients from being who they want to be and getting what they want from life
  • “healing” the wounds from past experiences that are blocking you now
  • changing limiting beliefs, troubling emotions, and unwanted behaviors

Why People Come to Me Instead of (or in addition to) a Licensed Therapist

My clients include people who:

  • have no interest in conventional therapy, but recognize that they can’t solve their problems on their own
  • are in therapy, but are still struggling with specific issues and “blocks”
  • are specifically intrigued by a modality not offered by their therapist
  • have gotten what they can out of conventional therapy
  • have been pushed into medication
  • seek someone who melds coaching and therapeutic approaches

What they have in common is that they:

  • want to use the most efficient approaches for their problems
  • want to be helped without (or with less) medication and with more natural and holistic approaches
  • don’t want to spend a lot of time talking
  • don’t want employers, HR departments, or insurance companies knowing their personal business

What Kinds of Problems Can I Help With?

All kinds. You’ll find some specifics on the pull-down menu “How I Can Help” above.

The techniques I use are extraordinarily versatile, able to treat problems and symptoms from Anger to Zemmiphobia (fear of the giant mole rat). OK, I put that in for fun.

I’ve heard just about everything there is to hear about people, so there’s never any reason to be embarrassed or ashamed about your situation.

I consider it to be an honor to be entrusted to help. If I’m not a good match for you, I’ll try to refer you to someone who is.

My mission:

“to help people heal, so they can live their lives without fear.”

My intention:

to be what one of my teachers described as a “loving challenger” – a non-judgemental catalyst for change.