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Eric Weinstein's Blog

Eric Weinstein

Certified hypnotherapist
and practitioner of NLP

True Purpose Coach

My clients range from young adults to seniors and come from all walks of life, varied nationalities & ethnicities, and different sexual orientations.

I am grateful to you for making time on short notice to work with me to overcome fears of claustrophobia that I experienced last week in the MRI machine. You were most perceptive in reading through my fears to come up with an plan that changed my perception of the MRI enclosure from a threat to a noisy, yet safe, machine.

Your guiding words during our session revealed underlying root fears from past events. By the second session, you were able to recreate an atmosphere so I could test how I might feel when I was in the MRI machine again. Other than the initial anxiety that you told me to expect, I essentially just calmly rested through the entire MRI session.

R. T. Virginia

I Can Help You With:

Bad experiences & memories

Career & school issues

Changing behavior

  • anger management
  • bad habits & patterns
  • keeping resolutions & meeting goals
  • procrastination & lack of motivation

Fears, worries, nervousness

  • elevators, heights, snakes, spiders, etc.
  • car accident/nervous driving
  • public speaking
  • worrying

Health & physical issues

  • insomnia
  • menopausal hot flashes
  • pain management
  • smoking
  • weight loss

Negative feelings, thinking, & beliefs

  • being “down” or “blue”
  • emptiness & ennui

Relationship issues (business & personal)

Self-esteem & self-confidence

Stress & coping skills