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Core Transformation

“I am astounded. Suddenly we have a bridge from . . . human problems . . . to enlightenment. . .”
– Wilson Van Dusen, Ph.D., former Chief Psychologist at Mendocino State Hospital, CA

Your Perceived Limitations are Actually Doorways to Resolution

I was introduced to Core Transformation when a colleague used it on my wife’s allergies. Her head cleared during the session, and the effects lasted about six weeks. I decided that I had to learn it.

Core Transformation has been endorsed by Joseph Chilton-Pearce, John Bradshaw, Jack Canfield, Dan Millman, Michele Weiner-Davis, Hugh Prather, and other prominent people in the personal growth field.

To see a short demonstration, go to this page: http://coretransformation.org/

Discover the Highest-Level Intentions Behind Your Everyday Behavior

It’s hard for some people to believe, but there are good intentions behind the things they don’t like about themselves. The developers of Core Transformation, Connirae and Tamara Andreas (two of the most prominent names in NLP), concluded that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – no matter how dysfunctional – are trying to help us achieve one of five “core states”:

  1. Being
  2. Inner Peace
  3. Love
  4. OKness
  5. Oneness

The way you express your core states might be different, but you get the idea.

“Core Transformation offers a profound way to touch the depths of our own soulfulness. I had an immediate and deep experience of self-love with it.”
– John Bradshaw, author of three New York Times best-sellers on emotional health

What to Expect from a Core Transformation Session

Uncovering these goals – and experiencing them during the Core Transformation process – leads to an sense of inner peace, wholeness, and well-being. This leads to a state in which awareness, learning, growing, and transformation occur naturally.

The Andreases, who’ve used Core Transformation with thousands of clients, make dramatic claims that I’m not yet comfortable with. I do consider it to be a valuable tool for personal change, and my clients find it to be a revelation.

I was trained by Don Pelles, http://www.hypnosissilverspring.com, who has been approved to teach by the developers of the process and co-authors of the book.

Eric Weinstein

Certified hypnotherapist and practitioner of NLP
True Purpose Coach

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